About Us

Bharatiya Samaj of Hungary, aka BSH, was established in 2010 as a non profit organization by a handful of Indians living in Hungary. The objective of BSH is to bring the Indian Community in Hungary and friends of India closer. BSH serves as a cultural, educational, recreational and social forum for the Indian Community and friends of India, in Hungary. It also provides its members opportunity to establish people to pepople contact.

BSH fosters close ties with the Embassy of India in Budapest. BSH also conducts events like India Mela, Diwali, Holi celebrations, to name a few, inorder to promote Indian culture and festivals; live through it wherever we are.

BSH is managed and administered by an elected body of Executive Commitee Members and Office Bearers. The BSH Executive Committee is elected every two years, by the registered members of the BSH through secret ballot, under the supervision of an independent voluntary Election Commission, which includes representatives of the community and the Embassy of India. The Executive Committee comprises of 11 (eleven) elected members including the six Office Bearers, including the President, Vice President, General Secretary, Jt. Secretary, Cultural Secretary and Finance Secretary (Treasurer).


BSH’s mission is to foster and nurture better ties with the Hungarian and Expatriate Communities residing in Hungary, promoting Unity in Diversity.  Every member of this society is encouraged to come forward with constructive initiatives and  activily participate in making this society interactive and entertaining.

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