There are two types of membership.  Regular (full) membership and Associate membership.
Regular members have the right to elect the executive committee and get elected.
Associate members apart from these two rights, can take part in all activities of BSH, including taking part in the working / organizing committees of events.  
Annual membership fee is 5000 HUF (Five thousand Hungarian Forints)
Requirements for regular (full) membership:
1. Submission of duely filled membership form and membership fee.    
2. Minimum age limit of 18 years.
3. Meet the following criteria
    a. Valid Indian passport  OR  valid PIO card   OR  valid OCI  card    (AND)
    b. Valid Hungarian residence visa/permit for a minimum 1 year period OR valid Hungarian passport
Requirements for Associate membership:

1. The Membership form should be supported by Two regular(full) members of BSH.  
2. Address in Hungary. 
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Membership (5000 HUF)
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