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Bharatiya Samaj of Hungary translates as Indian Society of Hungary, meaning it is a society for Indians and India lovers. This society is to create a forum to integrate the Indians living in Hungary and also all those who have a passiion for India because of its cultural, linguistic, historical, and religious diversity;  because of the customs, rituals, traditions, festivals;  or simply curious of the  colors, shapes, sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of India. With  the support of Hungarian and other friends  this  society thrives to create a platform and help enhance interaction.  All those who are curious are welcome to become a member, make this society and the activities as rich as the country it represents.  


Dear Reader,
Namaste, Vannakam,
Bharatiya Samaj Hungary (BSH) was formed in the year 2010 and got registered with the Hungarian Registrar in 2011 as a non-profit civil society. The unique character of this organization is its pan-India nature, with members from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Gujarat to Assam and Far East.  BSH organizes different type of events that meet the tastes and interests of wide range such as Bharatiya Mela a whole day program covering cultural show, food court, bazar, exhibition etc;   colorful BSH Holi, BSH Cricket Trophy,  BSH picnic with the community cooking tastes of different cuisines of India in traditional Hungarian cauldrons followed by games,  the grand BSH Diwali Dhamaka, and the Year End Meet; all these interleaved by not so formal events such as BSH Addas.  

BSH also actively promotes Indian Festivals to enhance the family atmosphere, home away from home.
BSH can be tracked through this web site as well as its Facebook page and BSH Hridaya App for Androids. 

In addition to all those who live in this country as permanent residents, BSH offers a platform for all the professionals who arrive through their companies and would like to connect with  people of the community, take part in its activities and support each other. 
With the arrival of more students to Hungary BSH put all efforts to integrate all those who come for a few years to this country and engage them which tend to benefit in their day to day life here.

Soon this site will be upgraded to have more sophisticated access to members and possibility for improved interaction. 
Stay connected through the Facebook as well as BSH App, and enhance the strength of this organization and our people.  

Best Wishes,

Raman M Sundaram